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The ten Golden Rules of Leadership

Great leadership can make a difference to any organisation. The ten Golden Rules of Leadership is a guide to help anyone develop their capabilities in this area. The simple, but practical nature of the ‘rules’ have proven to be a great anchor and serve as a constant reminder for what individuals need to be doing to motivate, develop and inspire the people they lead.

What people say

Well worth picking up, not least for its easy reading style.

CIPD People Management Magazine

What people say

I absolutely loved this book! I’ve worked in leadership for over 20 years and thought I was an ‘expert’ – a few of the chapters really resonated with me where I thought “I do that!” and it really made me think and go back to the basics!

Sarah Ridings

What people say

There are so many leadership books out there, but very few give you sensible, practical advice like this one! It is a great read and is an essential in any leader's toolkit!


What people say

Love this book. The style is excellent and it so easy to digest with lots of real-life examples. Highly recommend to anyone in a leadership role.

Mrs J Derbyshire

What people say

There are many books about leadership that I have read over the years, and this is up there with the best of them. Light on theory, however lots of practical advice, brought to life with relatable anecdotes and stories, written in an engaging style. A must read for for leaders wishing to enhance their skills and those aspiring to be a leader.

Nick F

What people say

Everyone in a leadership role should read this book. Its short, to the point and what it has to say is valuable and thought provoking. The best leadership book I’ve ever read. I can’t recommend it highly enough.